Attract High End Buyers when selling your home

By: Karen Schaefer, Founder, Simple Appeal Home Staging and Design

High Class Venues to Attract High End Buyers when selling your home

When it comes to marketing high end homes, you are dealing with an entirely different market then when you are flipping the average home. In order to attract the type of potential buyer that is in the market for a high end home, you need to get creative and start creating unique venues and events to peak their interest if you really want to get your home sold fast.

Instead of hosting a regular open house, host an event where people can come and mingle in the house while they are viewing the property. No one will buy your home if they can’t at first enjoy it!  Not only will they be able to see the home and base an opinion on it, they will also be able to see the house in action. This is the ultimate in home staging because you are actually staging and running an entire event, instead of simply setting the stage. This is what gets homes sold!

The type of event you host in the home will depend largely on the home and the market. In high end homes that feature gourmet kitchens, invite a guest chef to come and showcase their talents. The chef can show off their cooking abilities in the gourmet and functional kitchen, while guests experience a free tasting of the culinary delights while they view the home.  Yum!  This will get them to come back for a second tasting and showing!

High end homes with extensive gardens, or outstanding landscaping could play host to a benefit fashion show, a private concert of a popular musician or even a garden tour. If the home boasts a wine cellar and large sitting rooms, a wine tasting event would be the perfect way to attract potential buyers and the perfect way to get someone to fall in love with you home so you can get it sold.

The high end home buyer market is much smaller than the average market and potential buyers want to see a home for everything that it is and can be. It’s also a time for crucial networking. Perhaps people in attendance are not interested in the home, but know someone who might be. Create an interesting and unique venue to attract potential buyers to a high end home and you will appeal to the right customers and get your home sold.

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I agree that it is difficult for a selelr to see what they are used to seeing. One of the things I suggest to homeowners wanting to sell is to visit a few homes for sale, both staged and unstaged. I also recommend that they look at model homes to see what they are striving to model.

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